Cedarwood Station: A new name, a new look!

Posted on April 14th, 2023

Cedarwood Station is your next stop for Independent Living

Discover an inviting and warm retirement community in the heart of Airdrie! We’re surrounded by picturesque landscapes and luscious parks, and only steps away from downtown! Let us welcome you to Independent Living at Cedarwood Station: same team, same service, same care, same home.

Formerly known as The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station, we've recently undergone a makeover that includes a new logo and brand colours. We want to differentiate ourselves from The Hamlets brand, which now exclusively connotes Long-Term Care. Cedarwood Station will continue offering the same high-quality Independent Living services that our residents are accustomed to.

In September 2022, Optima Living welcomed The Hamlets into their family of residences, which included eight seniors' supportive living communities from H&H Total Care. This shift represents a renewed focus on palliative and later-life care for society's most vulnerable senior population. In March of 2023, Optima Living delineated six of these residences as the flagships of their new Long-Term Care division, now called The Hamlets.

Cedarwood Station is proud to be part of the Optima Living family of senior living residences. In our senior homes, we're committed to providing an affordable, resident-centered approach that focuses on personal choice and dignity, creating communities where health and happiness are a way of life. Our North Star, "Let us welcome you home," speaks to the underlying principles and experiences seniors can expect when they move into an Optima Living community.

We invite you to visit Cedarwood Station and experience why we are the ultimate destination for elderly care. We offer the same team, same service, same care, and same home that our residents have come to love. So come on in, and let us welcome you home!