Dining at Cedarwood Station

At Cedarwood Station, we provide three meals per day and snacks. Residents enjoy a continental breakfast and two meals together in a large, central dining room. A private dining room is available for meals with visiting family and friends. All meals are homemade, and we offer residents a variety of dining choices, including local favourites, familiar foods, and specialties. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used when in season. All food is prepared fresh daily, on-site by our certified Red Seal Chefs. 

Our Red Seal chefs provide the highest quality of cuisine. The Red Seal program is the standard-bearer for culinary excellence, and its certified chefs epitomize gastronomic creativity, quality, and excellence. Every recipe they prepare will be in keeping with your discerning palate: even if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. Menus are based on the Canada Food Guide and are approved by a dietician.

Cedarwood Station dining room
Plate of chicken and asparagus
Dinner table with food and dishes
Female senior smiling and sitting at dinner table
Seniors smiling at a dinner table
Female senior smiling while holding a chocolate croissant
Platter of croissants
Chef placing platters on a table
Chef walking with a platter of food
A lovely lighting setup in the building's common area
A large and beautiful dining area on site
A large dining table for family dinner