Getting the Most out of Retirement in Airdrie

Posted on April 29th, 2021

For some, retirement can be daunting. After a lifetime of working, the idea of not working seems idle and potentially boring. But “not working” simply means that your time is now your own to do with as you please, and if you so choose, you can fill your schedule with as many activities as you like—or as much relaxation as you want. Although lack of stimulation can indeed speed up the mental and physical decline, so it’s certainly a good idea to pursue some self-directed activities. The list of potential activities is limited to what you choose… and recently, perhaps COVID-19.

Airdrie Over 50 Club

Because of the pandemic, social clubs have not been running as usual—but during most years, the Airdrie Over 50 Club is a hub of activities. This club normally features a bridge, euchre, shuffleboard, table tennis, fitness sessions, dance lessons, potlucks, and more—7 days a week. Keep up-to-date on their website and follow closely when we transition back to normalcy in the post-pandemic.

Community Links

The Community Links website also has several programs, groups, and services that might interest the senior community. Many of these groups have transitioned to become available online and are still available throughout the pandemic.


“Meetup” is the name of a burgeoning social website/application designed to help connect people with similar interests. Despite the name, no physical meetup is necessary—and many groups have regular online meetups.

Activities To Do By Oneself

Now is the perfect time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to try! The city of Airdrie has a wonderful network of walking trails, and a stroll is a fine way to get active.

Idleness can speed up mental and physical decline, but by staying mentally and physically active, we can help to stave off the effects of aging. Hopefully, this list will have helped you to make the most of retirement in Airdrie! Also, make sure to check out our activities calendar.