Great Community Programs for Seniors in Airdrie

Posted on April 23rd, 2019

For seniors living in Airdrie retirement homes, there is never a shortage of great community programs available for those willing to take advantage of them. Here are some of the great options available to seniors.

Airdrie Senior Outreach Program Presentations

This program is a partnership between community links and various community partners that seeks to provide seniors with “…presentations and workshops on a variety of topics and interest…”. Offered monthly, there is no cost associated with this, and they take place at the Airdrie Over 50 Club.

Airdrie Over 50 Club

The Airdrie Over 50 Club also offers more than just Outreach Presentations. For a $30 annual membership fee, you can take full advantage of all the offerings of this club. Airdrie over 50 Club offers a place to play card games, go carpet bowling, and sing in a choral group. There is also a crafting group that meets regularly. These are just some of the great events available there.

Friendly Visiting

Airdrie also has a Friendly Visiting program that offers companionship and supportive visits to seniors who need social interaction. These visits can occur at your residence or in a community location. Volunteers are found that share some of the same interests, so if you are feeling isolated, this program may be a good start to becoming more social.

There is never a shortage of things to do for the Airdrie seniors. If you are unsure where your next adventure may take you, perhaps try out one of the above activities.