Perks of Living at Cedarwood Station

Posted on January 28th, 2021

Cedarwood Station offers a multitude of perks that make it an attractive option for assisted living. Our long list of amenities makes it possible for residents to enjoy the good life while eschewing the stresses of day-to-day concerns.

Say Goodbye To Scraping The Windshield

Our heated underground parking area ensures that your vehicle is ready to go: no lengthy warm-up period and no need to clear snow and scrape ice. This also protects your car from the potentially damaging hailstorms that have become commonplace every few years.

No Need To Cook, But The Option Is Still Available

All meals are provided in our full-service dining rooms, where residents can enjoy home-cooked meals in comfort—but if residents like to cook or bake, those options are certainly available. Units contain stovetop ranges & kitchenettes for in-suite cooking, and ovens are available for baking in the community area, the perfect way to share and show off recipes!

An Inclusive Sense of Community

At Cedarwood Station, our residents and staff come together to make for a vibrant, one-of-a-kind community. We’re also happy to welcome smaller-sized dogs and cats into our community—preferably not exceeding 20 pounds. Although the pandemic has brought new challenges, we continue to offer a social(ly distant) calendar of events to keep our residents engaged and active.


With Covid-19 on the loose, it is important to mention that we are well-prepared—and always have been. Our staff has always been trained to assist and respond to medical emergencies, and their ability to do so has been heightened amid the pandemic. We have comprehensive plans in place to ensure the continued safety of both staff and residents.

These are just a few reasons why Cedarwood Station is an excellent alternative to living elsewhere.