Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors in Airdrie

Posted on May 24th, 2019

For those in senior living in Airdrie AB, you might have read about all the benefits of volunteering for seniors. If you are searching for volunteer opportunities, read for some help and guidance.

Start with Volunteer Airdrie
Volunteer Airdrie is an organization dedicated to matching motivated volunteers to volunteer opportunities. The mission statement is “To empower Airdrie residents to invest in themselves and their community through volunteerism”. With over 45 supported organizations, you will likely find an opportunity in a field that meets your interest, including administrative work, environmental causes, fundraising events, youth programs and so much more.

City of Airdrie
There are also volunteer opportunities listed and available right through the City of Airdrie. At the time of writing this, there are board and committee opportunities, as well as options in Youth affairs.

Local Thrift Stores
Local Airdrie thrift stores such as Salvation Army and Community Thrift Store rely on volunteers to help keep the doors open. These organizations use the proceeds from selling donated goods to support charities such as the Children’s Breakfast Program. Volunteering at a Thrift Store is a great opportunity to get some exercise and meet some new people.

There are so many volunteer opportunities out there for seniors in independent living in Airdrie, AB. If you have been looking to make a difference, start by going onto Volunteer Airdrie and exploring the opportunities out there waiting for you.