Can Living in a Senior Assisted-Living Community Help You Live Longer?

Can Living in a Senior Assisted-Living Community Help You Live Longer?

June 30th, 2021

Living in a senior assisted-living community absolutely can help you live longer. If you’re wondering how that might be true, read on, and we’ll go over for you the reasons why.

There are many factors that influence longevity, and some of them we do not have a lot of control over—like your genetic makeup. However, we can even influence our genetic makeup with healthy habits that turn on or off certain genes based on our environment.

A Social Life

Humans are social creatures, and loneliness has a detrimental effect on our health. When you live in a senior community, you are surrounded by your peers, and you have lots of opportunities to socialize with others during meals, activities, and any other time.


It is well documented that people with pets live longer. And here at the Hamlets at Cedarwood Station, we are a pet-friendly community. You can continue to enjoy your life with your pet here, just like you did before.

Healthy Eating

Eating well and getting proper nutrition and calories is very important for your wellbeing. In a good senior community there will be meals available prepared by professionals. This is one worry to take off your list because someone else prepares the meals.

Staying Active

A senior community will have all kinds of activities that you can participate in. Staying active and keeping both your mind and your body active both contribute to your overall physical and mental health. It is so much easier to stay active with you are surrounded by activities.

Living in a senior community is good for you! Have a look at our senior community in Airdrie, Alberta, today.

Cedarwood Station is an independent-living, senior community in Airdrie, Alberta, just north of Calgary. Guided by the tenets of Christian faith, and with a stellar staff and multiple amenities, Cedarwood Station, is the premier senior-living choice for the area.