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April 2nd, 2020

Connecting with a loved one at the Hamlets just got easier!

It is so important to keep connected with one another, in an effort to keep the communication going between our residents and the outside world, and keep the positive vibes flowing, we have created a new button to all of our websites. You can use this to send a personal message to your loved ones.

Simply go to the our website's homepage. Look for these buttons either on your computer, iPad or smartphone.

This will take you to a central, safe and secure easy to complete form. These become direct emails to the Communications Coordinator at the specific Hamlet.

Not sure what to write or send?

Keep them updated on what is going on in your life, what activities have you been up to? Any recent birthdays or anniversaries? You can even upload some of your favourite images! They could be pictures drawn by the children or copies of their favourite photos.

Is virtual interaction not quite enough?

Come on down and visit and have social-distancing conversations through windows and from balconies. We have seen an amazing community of loved ones show up in this difficult time with posters, window decor and amazing spirit! Please, of course, be courteous to other residents when you're communicating out loud.

Is your loved one fairly tech-savvy?

Many of our residents have also been talking to loved ones over video calls. This gives you the ability to talk to one another and see each other. It has been a great way to communicate instantly.

If you are more comfortable with Facebook you can always check out our Facebook page and send a message to your loved one through Messenger. Please let them know the first and last name and suite number of the person you are sending the message to and we will make sure your loved ones receives their message.

Connecting with one another is important now more than ever. With all of these new ways to communicate, helping keep strong connections between our residents and the outside world. The spirit of all of those working hard to keep their connections strong is uplifting to everyone's spirits in the community.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to stay in touch.