A couple of winter activity ideas for seniors in Airdrie

A couple of winter activity ideas for seniors in Airdrie

December 22nd, 2017

Staying active is a very important part of a senior’s life. The more exercise someone who is in a senior living community gets, the better off they are both physically and mentally. It’s a critical part of their well-being and the continued health and longevity.

Sometimes, winters in Airdrie can be tough on seniors. When the temperatures drop down around -10 and the wind starts blowing, many people, seniors or not, choose to stay inside and become more sedentary. Even with the blue skies, the beautiful sunshine, and the amazing, picturesque sites of a winter in Airdrie, some people choose to stay inside.

In order to provide you with a few options to get outside and enjoy winter, here are a couple of winter activities to enjoy:

Take a walk on the Trans-Canada trail

Right beside Cedarwood Station is a walking trail that stretches through the entire city of Airdrie. This path runs along Veterans Blvd, through downtown, into both Nose Creek Park and East Lake Park and, if a long hike is preferred, south into the outskirts of the city. It’s a perfect way to get the heart pumping and get a little relaxing exercise on a cold, winter day.

Go bowling

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a winter’s brisk, cold air is to stay inside and out of the chill. One great activity for seniors is bowling. It’s good exercise and a fun group activity where friends can get together and have a little friendly competition. If you’d prefer to stay in the cozy rooms of Cedarwood, The Hamlets offers Wii bowling every Tuesday afternoon as well.

Senior living is as exciting and active as the person wants it to be, and the staff at Cedarwood Station knows how important it is. Getting up for a walk or throwing a few bowling balls are perfect ways to stay active in the winter.