Great Memory Games for Seniors

Great Memory Games for Seniors

January 7th, 2022

Using your brain is always a good thing. Today we know that the brain has extraordinary plasticity, and we create new neurons and neural pathways throughout our lives. Now that the weather is not so great, we would like to tell you about some great memory games for seniors that are easy to play, free, and you can do them inside. You can exercise your brain during the winter months.

Playing Cards

Believe it or not many card games require a lot of memory to play well. For example, in straight gin, you need to remember what has been discarded in order to know what is remaining in the deck.

In bridge or whist, you have to remember what cards have already been played in order to hone your strategy. So, playing cards is a great way to work with your memory.

There is also a game called concentration, a lot like the old game show on television, in which you lay out a whole deck facing down and choose any two random cards. You are aiming to make pairs. If you make a pair, you get to go again. If you don’t make a pair, it’s your partner’s turn, but you need to try to remember where the cards were that you already played.

The Tray Game

This is game that is often played at children’s birthday parties, but it’s fun at any age. You need at least two or more people to play. One person lays out on a tray (hence, the name) or cloth at least 30 small random items, and you cover the items with another cloth or sheet.

You remove the cover on the items, and give everyone 60 seconds to try to remember as many items as possible. Then you cover it again, and give each person playing a pad of paper and something to write with. Whoever remembers the most correct items wins.

To give you an idea of random items, we mean, for example, a drinking glass, pen, book, fork, salt and pepper shakers, box of Kleenex, and so on. Make sure you have at least 30 items because someone with a great memory might remember 15 or more items.

Word Games

There are some fun word games that don’t require anything to play. Two people just pick a topic, any topic, like fruit or trees or “movies with a colour in the title” and you go back and forth naming something that fits in that category until one person can’t remember anything else to contribute.

These are some easy games you can play inside to exercise and stretch your memory. Give them a try, and have some laughs with your friends and family.


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