Intergenerational Programs in Senior Living Communities

Intergenerational Programs in Senior Living Communities

September 27th, 2017

There is a very popular and successful program that is common all over the world – an intergeneration program. Over time, people realized that there are numerous benefits to bringing the elderly and the young together. But when the first intergenerational program was introduced in the United States in 1963, the initial plan was primarily to help low-income people over the age of 60 reduce the sense of isolation and poverty. But now these programs have changed and adapted as society has seen the value of bringing different age groups together.

In senior independent living communities, intergenerational programs have become great opportunities for both old and young to work together, learn together, and help each other. For example, common programs include:

  • Friendly visits

  • Educational visits (teaching computer or language skills)

  • History projects

  • Assistance at home

This benefits the seniors living in senior living communities in places like Airdrie and Calgary in multiple ways:

  • Increased health – the more time spent with younger people, the more active seniors will be. It also helps with memory and coordination.

  • Better socialization – the more interaction with youth, the more productive and engaged a senior will feel.

  • Increased learning – learning new things throughout life increases motivation and allows seniors to use new technology. They also feel better by passing on their skills to a younger generation.

  • More emotional support – with more people to communicate with, regardless of age, a person will increase their social network, which helps with their health and well-being.

At Cedarwood Station, we believe that active seniors who enjoy many different chances to be involved with others within the seniors living community as well as involved with the community around us will be healthier, happier, and live more fulfilling lives. An intergenerational program is just one more way for a person to reconnect with the world around them and enrich their life.