Simple Flexibility Exercises That Are Perfect for Seniors

Simple Flexibility Exercises That Are Perfect for Seniors

May 19th, 2022

Lots of us are stiff and sore when we get up in the morning or after we have been sitting for a long time. Some simple flexibility exercises can help with that, as well as prevent injuries, improve balance, and relieve pain. In today’s blog article, we will describe for you some simple flexibility exercises that are perfect for seniors.

Torso Stretch

An easy torso stretch can be performed while standing or sitting. If performed while standing, it is perfectly okay to hold onto something for balance like a wall or table top. Just lean forward and relax your back and head and neck. Then lean back, doing the same thing. Lean to each side. Repeat. Go slowly, only as far as you can comfortably bend. This is also good after you have been sitting for a while, like at a desk. Stretching the torso can be performed several times a day, and you will feel better if you practice it.

Leg Stretches

While standing or sitting, just extend your leg and bend your foot up towards your upper body, and then down away from you like a ballet dancer. Extend your leg straight out, then try it again with your leg extended in different directions. As above, go slowly! Stretch as far as you can comfortably go and hold the stretch for a few seconds. Repeat.

Hand Stretches

Try stretching out your hands and fingers. Lots of us get stiff and sore hands, especially after long days on a keyboard. Seniors, especially, can have sore hands and fingers from arthritis. Alternate between stretching the hands and then making a fist. Bend the wrist in different directions with fingers extended. Move each finger separately. Repeat as desired.

Most of us would benefit from doing some flexibility exercises on a daily basis. Try the ones and above and see if they make you feel better and more supple.


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