Things to do when it's too cold outside - inside activities for seniors in Airdrie

Things to do when it's too cold outside - inside activities for seniors in Airdrie

January 29th, 2018

January weather has been strange, to say the least, in Alberta. Ranging from -23 to 10 degrees Celsius, the weather has been up and down since the beginning of 2018. But with colder temperatures coming in February, planning your days and deciding what to do to keep active and busy can become more and more challenging.

Here is a short list of indoor activities for people living in senior independent living facilities in Airdrie:


Perhaps sitting in front of a table playing cards doesn’t appear to be the most active of activities, but keeping your mind active is just as important as keeping your body active. Whether you’re playing bridge, cribbage, gin, poker, or even Old Maid, playing cards with your friends is beneficial in many different ways. It stimulates the mind by keeping you thinking and the social benefits are great as well.

Dancing, Singing, and Acting

We’re including all of these amazing creative activities into one because they all have similar benefits. There’s the physical improvement of getting up on your feet, moving around, and following a beat. There’s the social aspect of being in a group, large or small, and working with others to have fun and accomplish something. There’s also the creative side. Keeping your mind working and being creative is very important for seniors.


No matter if it’s real bowling on a lane or Wii bowling on a television, getting a strike or spare is a great way to keep active in the wintertime. It’s great exercise for your entire body and helps stretch out your shoulders. Both five and ten pin can be challenging and it’s something that anyone can do – skill levels don’t matter at all.

All winter, Cedarwood Station do their best to plan out numerous activities to keep seniors happy and healthy, even when the weather keeps you from venturing outdoors. Come and talk to us about our recreation plans and all the happy residents in our retirement community.