Tips on dealing with anxiety over the holidays for seniors

Tips on dealing with anxiety over the holidays for seniors

November 24th, 2021

Many people find the holidays difficult for a variety of reasons and seniors are no exception. If you know someone in a senior assisted-living community who is anxious about the holidays or you are that person, we have some tips for you.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

This is a great time to reach out to friends and family. Call them or do some video conferencing which is easy to accomplish on a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Families can plan online get-togethers with multiple people sharing the screen. If it cheers you, then send some Christmas cards.


A senior assisted-living community will likely have plenty of holiday-themed activities—as well as the regular ones—to keep you occupied. Also, every town will have activities you can participate in if you would like to volunteer and keep busy.

Plan Some Visits

Now that most of us are vaccinated, see if you can arrange an in-person visit between friends and family and the senior person. Spend time with those who make you feel good.

Mindfulness Meditation

If you have not tried it already, now is a great time to learn some mindfulness meditation. It is easy to learn, free, takes only a few minutes per day, and will help you (or the senior you know) to relax, reduce anxiety, and also reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Mindfulness meditation is a learned skill. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

Remember that the holidays are temporary. They only last a few days, and then life goes back to your usual normal. Don’t let the holidays get you down. Keep busy, relax when you can, and connect with those individuals who brighten your day.


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