Tips on Making an Independent-Living Suite More Comfortable

Tips on Making an Independent-Living Suite More Comfortable

October 31st, 2021

Whenever we move anywhere, our new place may not feel like home right away. But there are some easy ways to make the new place more comfortable. Here are our best tips on making an independent-living suite more comfortable.


Put out some photos of loved ones that remind you of good times. Hang them on the wall, or arrange a grouping on a desk or dresser. Familiar faces will cheer you every time you walk by. Putting out some photos should be one of the first things you do.


Get some plants. Plants actually filter your air and produce oxygen. They make any area feel more homey, and they’re good for you. Some plants don’t require a lot of light, are easy to care for, and will even flower from time to time.

Keep in Touch

Be sure to keep in touch with your friends and family. Regular phone calls or video conferencing will keep you in good spirits as you adjust to your new environment. Give everyone your new contact information.


Have some healthy snacks on hand. Even if you will be eating with others in a communal area, it’s a good idea to have some snack food available in your suite.


Get rid of anything you don’t need. Your new place may be smaller than your old one, and this is a great opportunity to get rid of things that have been collecting dust for years. Your new place will feel much more comfortable if it isn’t crowded with furniture and objects that you don’t need.

We know it can be hard to make a change. But moving into an independent-living senior community can be a tremendous positive in your life. Embrace the change.

Cedarwood Station is an independent-living, senior community in Airdrie, Alberta, just north of Calgary. Guided by the tenets of Christian faith, and with a stellar staff and multiple amenities, Cedarwood Station, is the premier senior-living choice for the area.