What Is Sarcopenia?

What Is Sarcopenia?

April 19th, 2022

Sarcopenia refers to several age-related changes in body composition. These changes include loss of lean muscle mass, loss of bone density, increase in fat, and decrease in metabolism. Interestingly, the changes are related. For example, when one loses muscle mass, that is associated with loss of bone density. And loss of muscle mass and skeletal bone is associated with a decrease in metabolism and possibly appetite.

None of these changes are good for you or make you feel better. Quite the opposite. Loss of skeletal muscle and bone make you more fragile and prone to bone fractures. These changes can also affect your flexibility and balance.

The good news is that sarcopenia can be reversed with careful attention to diet and exercise. Exercise builds muscle, and more muscle builds bone. In the same way that sarcopenia can be a spiralling decline, the reverse is also true, as regular exercise for seniors coupled with a nutritious diet and enough calories can improve all the areas affected by sarcopenia.

The best way to keep sarcopenia at bay or reverse it is living in an assisted-living community where you have a full schedule of activities planned in advance. This kind of environment makes it very easy to participate in lots of physical activities which would have a pleasant social component as well. Furthermore, in an environment like this, some meals are prepared for you by professional chefs. This type of meal planning means that you will get the highly nutritious diet you need for your muscles and bones.

If you are considering a senior assisted-living community in southern Alberta, look at our Hamlets at Cedarwood Station in Airdrie. We can help you to combat sarcopenia.



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